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I started my creative journey at a very young age with an interest in anything right brained. I recall my mom teaching me how to draw wonder Woman and Daffy Duck on a paper napkins during church service which really was the foundation of my attention to detail .

I always had a knack for all things creative: Painting, drawing, writing, photography, singing, songwriting and more. My entire family is creative with passions for music, film, photography, sewing and design. I even scored a small record deal in my early twenties.

Just out of college I was lucky enough to land a job via an internship at a company called BLT and Associates in Hollywood, Ca where I honed my interest and ability to Create visual finesse working on Movie and TV key art campaigns. From there I worked at The Blueline Agency in Irvine, CA running the full range of marketing and advertising. I eventually moved to Warner Bros Worldwide Marketing in Burbank, CA.


I've been challenged in many facets as a creative professional working with creatives from all around the world. Without the special, unique obstacles presented to me over my career, I would not know that being excellent requires the capacity to be humble. We must be willing to learn new things and ways to do something when what you already know isn't as effective as it once was. It is this process that allows me to grow as an artist and as a person. I am blessed to love the work I do and to make my living doing so; because I live to be creative through all the mediums of artistic expression.

I would love to embark on the journey of breathing new life into your product, your service and your image with superior results.

Let's get you your wings.



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